We come from the four corners of the world
As brothers and sisters, mukminin mukmimat
The time has come to heed a call divine
Labbaikallahumma labbaik

To prepare for the coming of Akhirat
May we threat on the face of this world in barakah
The time has come the journey we must made
Labbaikallahumma labbaik

Here i am in Your service here i am
Here i am in Your service there's no other
You're The One is all praise and all bounty
You're The One and only sovereignty
You're The One and there's no other

The Gathering is upon us
(Labbaikallahumma labbaik)
We pray for His blessing with all of The Might
(Around the Kaabah)
Every race, colour and creed unite
It's a beautiful, most beautiful a sight

Some will return, their hearts and souls reborn
Some will return, their grief replace with joy
Some will return, return to Rahmatullah
The prilgrimage of life will lead you home

 By: Far-East

InsyaAllah, saya, emak dan sepupu akan berangkat menunaikan umrah esok.
Mohon maaf atas segalanya.
Doakan agar segala urusan kami dipermudahkan Allah.

~ No blogging and facebook 15-26 Jun 2010. Titik. (",)